Sectional Cleaning


Sectional sofas or L-shaped couches are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. This item comes in many different shapes and sizes, to fit your living space just right. Because it’s made of a continuous line of seating, it has to be cleaned evenly or you can end up with shading or having one section cleaner than the other. The average sectional sofa can take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours to clean professionally, while on average it takes around 3 hours.

We offer our sectional sofa cleaning services throughout Toronto. We also service surrounding areas as far west as Mississauga, and as far east as Oshawa. We also clean areas in Downtown Toronto all the way to Newmarket including Brampton and Milton.


Sectional sofas are great for family gatherings, parties, and large families. We understand that accidents happen whether you dropped some food on the sofa or your kids made a mess. Most stains can be easily removed if you know what was spilled. However, some stains are permanent. The success of stain removal depends on the type of fabric what kind of stain and how long has it been there. It also depends if you’ve attempted to clean it with store bought cleaning products or DIY cleaning solution. Sometimes these detergents can make the mess worse.

We can’t promise we will remove 100% of the stains. What we can promise is that you will be 100% Satisfied. We start with the worst stains and if you are happy how the stains come out we will continue. However, if you are not 100% happy you can just let us know and we will stop cleaning and leave. You won’t have to pay for anything.