Loveseat Cleaning Service - Upholstery Cleaning Toronto


The Loveseat originates in the late 17th century. This furniture wasn’t called a loveseat or even intended to accommodate 2 people. Rather it was designed to accommodate the large and wide skirt for the dresses of this time period. These are the dresses are the type Queen Elizabeth I wore in her time. It was only from the beginning of 19th century that these couches became known as loveseat. Today you can find a loveseat in most living rooms and is it’s a great item for couples together on.


It is important to have proper care cleaning for all your upholstered furniture, especially your loveseat. Most store bought cleaning machines will not provide a good clean unless you have a steam cleaning machine (aka pressurized hot water extraction).  Store bought cleaning products when used properly are a good alternative but it is not a substitution for professional upholstery cleaning. The same way hand sanitizers aren’t a substitute for soap and water when it comes to a proper sanitation.


Most upholstery can be cleaned with pressurized hot water extraction. First, hot water at 100 C and cleaning solution gets sprayed onto the fabric. Next, a powerful vacuum extracts the dirt and water. The last step speeds up drying time and prevents unwanted damage from mould. This Steam Cleaning will provide your loveseat with the deepest cleaning. We use truck mounted equipment for cleaning upholstery in houses. For harder to access areas we use the most powerful portable machines for cleaning upholstery in condos and apartments.